The story of a boy who went forth to learn far – part 2

Hello fellow fairy tale lovers!

Sorry it has taken so long. I’ve been beset by technical difficulties and a looong holiday.

Here is the second part of The story of a boy who went forth to learn fear. Here we discuss the meaning of this story, and also a little more on why fairy tales are so important for children.


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More lovely tales coming soon – The wolf and the 7 Kids is in the making…

Mary’s child

The Virgin Mary is a baby snatcher! Also, kings like dirty girls and sometimes your finger turns golden and no one cares. I’m serious!

Also known as Our Lady’s Child, this is the first time we enter Christian mythology in the Grimm tales. There will be more stories like this, where traditional religious symbolism is mixed in with worldly storytelling and superstition.

My favourite sentence: “One day, when all the angels had gone out…”. Yep, heaven’s pretty awesome, but sometimes an angel’s gotta hit the street and score a latte.

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