The story of a boy who went forth to learn far – part 2

Hello fellow fairy tale lovers!

Sorry it has taken so long. I’ve been beset by technical difficulties and a looong holiday.

Here is the second part of The story of a boy who went forth to learn fear. Here we discuss the meaning of this story, and also a little more on why fairy tales are so important for children.


Things will be a little bit slow at the moment – I need to update my technology, so please bear with me.

More lovely tales coming soon – The wolf and the 7 Kids is in the making…

Cat and Mouse in Partnership

Cat and mouse fall in love, move in together, buy a pot of fat and live happily ever after…. Or, do they?

Well, these are the original Grimm fairy tales, so take an informed guess.

This story is a perfect example of fairy tale mood whiplash – and shows how much our perception of what makes a good story has changed in the past 200 years.

Want to skip ahead to the ending? Read Cat and Mouse in Partnership here.